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Scattered Thoughts: Developing Habits

3 minute read


When COVID-19 just started and got us locked in, I started reading a bit, hoping to learn something new outside of academia. I ended up choosing some self-improvement books and read this book named Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break by James Clear. In short, I was very lucky to have found this book and actually finished the book—it will CHANGE your life.

Scattered Thoughts: My Lessons Learned on Teaching

4 minute read


I have been teaching at the university level for quite some time and I cherished every moment of my experience. When it comes to teaching, I wholeheartedly put my efforts in creating and delivering interesting tutorials/lectures. As an educator, I see myself as a pacemaker, enabling my students to excel—academically or somewhere else. Teaching also requires a completely different feat—you need to be very articulate, concise in your wording, and have the ability to view a concept in different ways. These things are kind of expected when I signed up to teach, but not the following until I became an instructor…

Scattered Thoughts: Losing Weight

10 minute read


This blog post will be about my weight-loss journey which I started during COVID-19. In general, I lost about 22kg over five months while, hopefully, losing as little muscle as possible during the process. This journey is still in progress and I still have a lot to learn—in fact, this is probably something I will be continuing for the remaining of my life. Nevertheless, I feel this experience would motivate other folks for their goals and dreams.